Lot W5: Mountain Harvest Coffee - W.KYR.NO37

Lot Description

Reference Number:W5
Opening Bid:$4.00/lb
入札単位 :$0.10
重量 :529.11 lbs
Harvest:NOV 2020-JAN 2021
60kg Bags:4
スコア :85.54

Coffee details

説明 :

Milk Chocolate, Roasted Walnut

Chestnut, Fruit Gum, Grapes, Fresh Legume, Green Apples, Papaya, Nutmeg, Cinnamon

Very Juicy, Muscat

Citric, Good Clarity


Very Sweet, Good Clarity


Farm Name: Mountain Harvest
Region: MT. ELGON
農園標高: 1700-2200

Producer Story:

Mountain Harvest

Coffee is ritual; it is art and craft, taste and experience. But Mountain Harvest coffee is so much more. High on the slopes of Mount Elgon, Uganda, Mountain Harvest is working side-by-side with farmers to produce high-quality arabica coffee — coffee that also fuels a higher quality of life for farmers, their families and the soil beneath their feet.

Our Mission:
At Mountain Harvest, we care about our planet, we care about our farmers and we love great coffee. That’s why we’ve created an innovative ecosystem that prioritizes all three. We support our farmers every step of the way to implement the best in eco-friendly farming techniques and to produce the high-quality specialty coffee our customers love. We’re also committed to paying our farmers stable, above-market prices for their coffee, because we believe without compromise that they deserve a living income that can feed their families and keep their farms running for years to come.

Our Coffee:
Our organic, ethically traded coffees are unique, delicious and developed to fit our clients’ preferences. They’re also challenging the norms for coffee production in Uganda. Mountain Harvest farmers grow coffee — primarily the SL-14, 28 and Nyasaland varieties — in some of the highest elevations in the world, ranging from 1,700 to 2,200 meters. By elevating it to the highest standards, through improved production and processing, Mountain Harvest is tapping into the unrealized potential of Uganda’s arabica coffee. Mountain Harvest is also leading a revolution in the coffee industry. We’re driven by the belief that what tastes best in your cup can and should be sustainable for the environment and provide a living income for farmers. This is what makes Mountain Harvest’s premium offee even better.

Our Approach:
Our vision is bold, but so is our approach. To achieve these benefits for farmers and communities, Mountain Harvest has developed innovative support services and training for farmers, an agriculture model based on biodiversity and a deep understanding of what influences local economies and farmer incomes. We’ve also invested in research on processing techniques to enhance quality and sustainability as well as in innovative data systems that allow us to provide full transparency and traceability of our products.


Learn more at: www.mountainharvest.com


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