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Reference Number:W3
Opening Bid:$3.50/lb
Weight:1,190.5 lbs
60kg Bags:9

Coffee details


Bold, Tea Rose, Roasted Hazelnuts, Vanilla

Sweet Lemon, Blackberry, Dry Fruits, Caramel, Pineapple

Orange Peel, Long Aftertaste

Citrus, Tartaric

Honey, Molasses

Slight dry as it cools

Farm details

Producer Name: Olam Uganda Limited
Farm Name: Sironko Budadiri Washing Station
Farm Elevation: 1000-2000 masl

Producer Story:

Olam Uganda ltd is one of the leading exporters in Uganda of quality Bugisu Coffee (Arabica produced by wet method) and established operation in the Mt Elgon since 2014.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) remains an integral part of OLAM’s stated vision and business philosophy evidently in the supply chain of agricultural products, and our sustainability initiatives are inter-woven into overall holistic global business goals following successfully proven models demonstrated.
Expertly identifying opportunities to enhance social parameters in the communities where we operate and use our resources to improve quality of life, practices, environmental sensitization impacting on farmers’ health, safety and welfare presenting a spontaneous condition for long term and sustainable relationships with the farmers.
The People: The story goes that during a famine centuries ago, the tribes moved east and stumbled across a river which proved their savior. They named it ‘Sironko’, meaning solace and peacefulness in the Lumasaba language, spoken by the ethnic locals on the slopes of Mount Elgon. Our new washing station is in Budadiri sub county near the famous river of solace & peacefulness and processes coffee cherries from the surrounding communities, still sustained by this abundant and blessed water source.

Coffee growing conditions & enabling business attraction: Natural endowments of microclimates: plentiful rain with alternating sunshine, volcanic soils, varying high altitude, all are contributing factors to the excellent terror of the Mt Elgon region and the subsequent exceptional cup quality. Truly to quality cups our practices prove our conviction of systematic & commitment to satisfaction of different interests.to say, doing it the right way to the end of value chain & traceable than looking at a mere end-product! Key social and community commitment:
-GAP Training through our full time trained, experienced & committed agronomists & they provide:
Farmer training and support to improve quality, productivity or yield, intercropping ,income diversification through additional crops(horticulture, food crops) & animal husbandry. Free supply, monitoring & implementation of agro-inputs, seedlings and subsidies based on a farmer need identification tool approach, hence visible impact & evidences was our direct involvement!
-Women & Youth Empowerment
Continuous workshops addressing specific areas of sustainable livelihood: attitudinal change on resource ownership, acquisition and family participation to realize benchmarks of living income & improved livelihood. Group farmer saving schemes for long-term economic stability in the community.
-Climate Change & Energy Saving Concepts:
Farmer training, research trials and hands-on demonstrations to transform approach to resource management with a mindset of sustainable Climate Smart Agriculture concept!
Conclusive and convictional over period, our business approach with the community lays emphasis on profitable growth through social & environmentally sustainable manner.
‘Good or quality cup is a process than a product’ at Sironko Budadiri washing station!


Learn more at: www.olamgroup.com

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