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Thanks to everyone who took part. The National Jury, The International Jury, those involved in the Mediation Round and those who did our roasting for the Jury. And also thanks to those of you who bid and also bought the coffees through the auction. 

We are processing some post-auction sales and would be happy to discuss offers for the coffees remaining unsold. 


This year, on the 19th of May, we will be running a specialty coffee auction for the Ugandan Coffee Federation and the Uganda Coffee Development Authority.

This is a result of their competition "Best of the Pearl", which helps to find the very best Ugandan coffees.

Through this auction we aim to support Ugandan coffee farmers and provide them with market access to achieve the best price for their products

Auction Times in your Region

Wednesday, 19th May 2021, @ 10:00am (London)

  • 02:00am: Los Angeles
  • 05:00am: New York
  • 06:00am: Sao Paulo
  • 10:00am: London
  • 12:00am: Uganda
  • 16:00am: Jakarta
  • 17:00pm: Shanghai
  • 18:00pm: Tokyo
  • 19:00pm: Sydney

The Background to this Auction

The landscape in the organisation of the coffee competitions in Africa has changed quite dramatically in the last 3 or 4 years. Annual cupping competitions have played a role in African coffee for quite some time. These usually ended with an auction where the best coffees were sold to interested buyers. 

However, during 2020 this all changed and has given individual in-country coffee associations the chance to organise their own competitions.

The Uganda Coffee Federation (UCF) is an umbrella non-profit organization for those in involved in the coffee supply chain in Uganda. They are tasked with the vision of promoting a thriving and sustainable coffee industry in Uganda.

Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) is established as a public Authority established by an act of Parliament whose its mandate is to promote and oversee the coffee industry by supporting research, promoting production, controlling the quality and improving the marketing of coffee in order to optimize foreign exchange earnings for the country and payments to the farmers.

Coffee production in the country is far exceeding previous years volumes. The infrastucture has not developed accordingly. The UCF & UCDA see the development of this competition alongside this auction as a means for everyone involved in the coffee supply chain to take Uganda’s own developmnent seriously.  

Over the last two years the opportiunities for all coffee producing countries to run an auction have not been available. When the Ugandan Coffee Federation and Uganda Coffee Development Authority decided to run this one, they made an open invitation to all coffee producers in the country to submit their coffee for assessment to enter the competition.

In order to make this a credible competition they have worked with International Trade Centre to put all the pieces in place to form a framework that will be sustainable in the future. This means this auction is supported by a national and international jury who will be able to take an objective view on the coffee submitted to the UCF and UCDA.

How will coffee be selected for this auction?


The coffees will be cupped, graded and judged by a panel of qualified and experienced national judges, using the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) Arabica Coffees Score sheet and Protocols. We have appointed Head Judge Danny Pang (Singapore) to oversee the entire process from the Moderation Round to the International Jury Round.

National Cupping Jury

The National Jury will manage the initial preselection and creation of the long list for later cupping rounds. This jury will provide a balanced view of coffee from around Uganda in equal measures of washed, naturals, honey processed coffees.

This is made up from 5 Q Graders (see details below) in Uganda who have assessed the initial submission of coffees from all coffee producers. Each submission will be expected to meet specific requirements to be taken further. One of the basic requirements is that all lots should be Specialty Arabica Grade and have a cupping score of 83 points and above.

The timetable is as follows:

  • Roasting: 25/26th January 2021
  • Calibration & Green Grading: 26th January 2021
  • Cupping Sessions: 27/29th January 2021

Meet the National Jury

Clare Rwakatogoro Head Judge

Doreen Rweihangwe

Rafeal Wafoyo

Brenda Mangeni

Naume Komuhangi

Moderation Round

We are running an intermediate round in between the National and International Jury to moderate the expectations between both juries. This will be used to short list all the coffees making it through the National Jury in preparation for the International Jury.

The moderation round is the link between the national and international juries. Danny Pang has been appointed as Head Judge and he will be overseeing the entire process. He will also be one of the cuppers for this moderation round.

  • Green Grading & Roasting: week of 15th February 2021
  • Cupping and Calibration: 22nd February 2021
  • Danny Pang, Head Judge (Marco Beverage Systems)
  • Thomas Haigh (Head of Coffee @ Sensible)
  • +2 to be confirmed


International Jury

The best coffees will be taken forward for further cupping by an international jury where they will be shortlisted for the final lineup based on their final score and auctioned to international buyers.

The timetable is as follows:

  • Calibration: week of 12th April 2021
  • Cupping Session: week of 19th April 2021
  • Results: week of 26th April 2021

About the international jury

  • The International Jury will be managed by our Head Judge Danny Pang (Singapore) who will invite 16 experienced Q Graders to cup the coffee.
  • We will roast all the coffee together in the UK to gain a consistent roast for each coffee.
  • Sensible will provide support to the Head Juror through Tom Haigh who is our Head of Coffee and also a Q Grader.
  • The top 10 coffees will be re-cupped, Round 4, to establish the final line-up for the coffees in the auction.
  • We will use the feedback from the jury as the basis for detailing the coffee on sale in the auction to you the buyers.
  • This final set of coffee samples will be sold and distributed to the buyers as they register, and purchase samples sets.
  • All samples will be dispatched from the United Kingdom.
  • All shortlisted coffess will be secured by the Ugandan Coffee Federation to guarantee the quality and identity of the coffee sold to the buyers during the auction.

Meet the International Jury

Head Judge: Danny Pang

Coffee Works

Anderson Wong

Haru Coffee

Brian Turko

Milano Coffee Ltd

Weinan Huang

Q Grader 

Anson Wong

Elephant Grounds Roastery Limited

Jordan Dabov

Dabov Specialty Coffee

Shaun Ong

Better Barista Coffee Academy 

Michael Utama

PT. Tabur Tuai Bersama

Indra Wira

PT. Kopiku

Adi Taroepratjeka

PT. Belajar Kopi Bersama

Feifei Zhang

Fei Coffee

Clare Rwakatogoro

Uganda Coffee Development Authority

Casey Lalonde

Girls Who Grind Coffee

Heqing Zhou

Wah Shing Coffee

Jimmy Chung

Wah Shing Coffee

Jasmine Lee

Maristella Coffee

Merouane Chachoua

Supremo Kaffeerosterei

The Benefits to the Ugandan Coffee Community

Uganda’s coffee production is on the rise at an impressive rate, now at 5.1 million bags of exported at the end of 2020. Whilst the project's overall objective is to see a drive in demand for Ugandan coffees across the board there are three key issues that it seeks to address.

  1. Producer Recognition – the competition will help recognize those producers - by region and processing types - that are doing a superb job as their coffees continue to exceed all expectation. Producer Coffees that don’t make it the top auctioned lots will receive quality improvement reports and guidance
  2. National Capacity Building – the project hopes to recognize and train national coffee quality champions to support them continuously and help discover the best of coffees Uganda has to offer.
  3. Infrastructural Support – With the speed of Uganda’s Coffee industry growing, producers need equipment and tools to ensure they produce award winning coffees. The competition organising committee has partnered with locally based equipment manufacturing companies to support the Best of the Pearl winners with free additional infrastructural support based on their needs.

Uganda Government Support

This programme is fully supported by The Government of Uganda through the national regulatory body: The Uganda Coffee Development Authority.

This will take the form of training and quality support  will including the following:

  • Cupping Labs
  • Certified Quality Assurance Staff and Calibration
  • Certification
  • Verification and National Trainings supervision.
  • Online and press support towards showcasing the event.